Gus the dog smiles from ear to ear every time his head is scratched in adorable footage
A Golden Retriever melts when his owner scratches his head with a special back scratcher. But if you
Loving Corgi Hugs Every Dog He Meets On His Walks
A one-year-old corgi named Wallace lives happily with his owners in the United States. Everyone in the
Adorable Golden Retriever Therapy Dog Is Comforting California’s Firefighters Amidst Wildfires
There were 27 major wildfires throughout California, with about 18,000 firefighters dealing with the
Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky ‘make history’ by releasing the first Tasmanian devils on mainland Australia in 3,000 years
For the first time in 3 thousand years, rare marsupials – Tasmanian devils – were released
Family Brought Kitten Home to Foster But Their Cats and Dogs Took Him in As Their Own
This gray baby was picked up on the streets of Quebec, Canada. He was skinny, fearful, and battered –
Stray Kitten Found Covered in Oil Reveals His Beautiful Coat and Has His Life Turned Around
In California, a passerby picked up a kitten covered in fleas and stained with car oil. He was in a terrible
Tiny Rescue Kitten Tries To Play With Toy And Gets A Little Stuck
Little Pnina and her siblings were found on a street in Tel Aviv, Israel, when they were only three weeks old.
Scared Dog Tries to get Past Cat Sitting on top of Stairs
Contrary to popular belief, cats can be scary and vicious fluffers, especially when it has to do with dogs!
Mum Gorilla Who Lost Her Firstborn 1 Year Ago Gets Captured Cradling Her Month-Old Baby
The entire Bristol Zoo in England recently rejoiced at the wonderful news that a 9-year-old gorilla named
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