Paparazzi recently captured photos of Vanessa Paradis on vacation with her son from Johnny Depp, and some people have commented that she appears to look like a homeless person.

Amid Johnny Depp’s personal and legal affairs, his former partner, Vanessa Paradis, is taking a peaceful vacation in the south of France with her 18-year-old son, Jack.

The paparazzi recently captured images of the 47-year-old Vanessa as she purchased fresh baguettes for their breakfast during the trip. She is savoring the vacation alongside her son and his girlfriend, model Camille Jansen, whom they warmly invited to join their family getaway.

It’s evident that Jack and Camille are deeply in love, openly expressing their affection for each other on social media platforms.

While some fans offered their opinions on Vanessa’s appearance in the photographs, making comments like “looks like a homeless person” or critiquing her outfit, it appears that Vanessa isn’t much bothered by external judgment. She is simply reveling in her well-deserved break and opting for comfortable attire during her vacation.

It’s truly heartening to witness Vanessa enjoying herself without being swayed by the opinions of others. After all, she deserves to unwind and relish the moments of tranquility, having shouldered the responsibilities of being both a devoted mother and a talented artist.

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