Charlize Theron shared a heartwarming collection of rare photos featuring her mother, capturing beautiful moments of them together in a bikini with her grandchildren.

Actress Charlize Theron expressed heartfelt birthday wishes to her mother, Gerda, as she celebrated her 69th birthday. The two share a strong and loving bond, but their past was marred by a tragic event. When Charlize was just 15 years old, her mother had to protect them both from her abusive father, who posed a threat to their safety.

Thankfully, they managed to survive this challenging period, but the experience left its mark on their lives. For a long time, Charlize kept this painful secret, telling others that her father had passed away in a car accident. However, with the support of therapy, she embarked on a healing journey and began to find solace.

Now, Charlize is open about her deep love and admiration for her mother and the two beautiful children they share, August and Jackson. Recently, she took to Instagram to share rare and precious photos of her and her mother, celebrating Gerda’s special day.

Charlize lovingly describes her mother as a vibrant and full-of-life person, known for her infectious laughter and remarkable talents, such as tennis and golf. Gerda has been an unwavering pillar of support for Charlize, always there to offer love and guidance. Their connection is unique, and they cherish their close relationship dearly.

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