Carla Bruni, the renowned personality, has become another unfortunate victim of plastic surgery. Recent images reveal the aftermath of what appears to be unsuccessful injections.

During a recent visit to Athens for a performance on stage, 49-year-old Carla Bruni caught the attention of fans who noticed a change in her appearance. Several photos from the event have surfaced online, sparking discussions about her possible use of fillers, leading to a perceived unnatural and swollen look.

Some individuals have gone as far as comparing her appearance to that of “Catwoman,” alluding to the overly altered appearance often associated with plastic surgery.

It’s interesting to recall Carla Bruni’s days as a famous model when her natural beauty was celebrated before her apparent pursuit of defying aging through cosmetic enhancements. The contrast in her appearance from then to now has prompted various discussions among her admirers.

Carla Bruni in 1990


In 1990

In 2003

In 2006


In 2010

And this is what she looks like now!


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