During the Jacquemus show, Victoria Beckham’s appearance garnered attention and raised eyebrows. Fans couldn’t help but comment on her age.

At 48 years old, Victoria Beckham, a mother of four, maintains her slender figure resembling that of a supermodel. While she used to sport sexy outfits during her Spice Girls days, she now prefers elegant pantsuits that suit her perfectly.

Recently, a photo of her at a fashion show emerged, capturing her in an open dress that revealed her shoulders and arms. Observers were taken aback when they noticed her hands, which appeared to show signs of aging beyond her actual age.

Wrinkles, swollen veins, and age spots were evident, prompting speculation that her extreme weight loss might have contributed to this appearance. Even her face seemed worn, possibly due to her strict diet, as disclosed by her husband David Beckham.

Despite any concerns about her appearance, David remains devoted to his wife, and their strong bond is evident in other photos from the show.

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