Appearing in a bodysuit, the model who underwent 74 operations proudly declared herself as the dream woman of all men.

Recently, model Jessica Alves, formerly known as Rodrigo Alves, took a vacation after undergoing a staggering 74 surgeries to transform her appearance. Her quest for a luxurious blonde look has come at a significant cost, both financially and, it appears, emotionally.

In the photos she shared, Jessica confidently described herself as the dream woman of all men. However, her new appearance sparked diverse reactions among beauty enthusiasts.

While some praised her as an incredible beauty, others couldn’t help but question the motivations behind altering oneself so drastically for fame and money.

Many expressed concern for her well-being and wondered what her parents must think of her transformation.

The opinions were indeed polarized, with some showing admiration for her bold choices, while others shared genuine worry about the potential effects of her extensive surgeries.

As the discussion continues, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.

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