The paparazzi recently captured Sienna Miller enjoying a beach day with her boyfriend, who happens to be 15 years younger than her, and it seems like the actress is no longer as slim as before.

Actress Sienna Miller and her boyfriend, Oli Green, embarked on a vacation to Saint-Tropez, where they were spotted enjoying some quality time together. They strolled on a luxurious yacht, and Sienna looked radiant in a colorful bikini, relishing a refreshing swim in the sea.

Later, the couple basked under the sun on the yacht’s deck, engaging in affectionate conversations and embraces. Sienna, who has had high-profile relationships in the past, has found happiness with Oli since last year.

She shares a daughter named Marlowe with actor Tom Sturridge, and their separation was amicable. Sienna’s fans praised her swimsuit choice and admired her figure during the getaway, showing their support for the couple’s blissful romance.

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