Singer Jessie J made a stunning appearance, showcasing her figure in a bikini merely two months after giving birth.

Singer Jessie J, who recently became a mom, shared the joyful news with her followers on social media. Just two months after giving birth, she proudly displayed her fantastic shape in a photo donning an emerald bikini.

The baby boy’s name is Sky, which holds the meaning “Heaven” in Russian. The father of the child is basketball player Chanan Safir Kolman, although not much is known about their relationship.

It’s important to acknowledge that Jessie J encountered challenges on her path to motherhood. She experienced a miscarriage and struggled with infertility, but miraculously, she became pregnant again after a year.

Now, Jessie is wholeheartedly embracing motherhood and looking absolutely fabulous as she embarks on this exciting new chapter in her life.

Congratulations to the joyful mom!

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