“Daddy’s Daughters: 10 Celebrities Who Strikingly Resemble Their Fathers!”

It’s a common occurrence for children to bear some resemblance to their parents, often with sons taking after their mothers and daughters displaying similarities to their fathers. However, sometimes we hope for a bit of a twist. Many young girls dream of inheriting their mothers’ striking features, rather than their fathers’ rugged and masculine traits. But when genes blend, children can end up with a unique and captivating appearance.

We’ve compiled a collection of photos featuring the lovely daughters of famous star dads who have embraced their fathers’ traits and emerged as stunning beauties. It’s important to note that they aren’t expected to be exact replicas, as they also carry traits from their mothers.

Sadie looks a lot like her father Adam Sandler

Ivan Urgant and his daughter


Daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West still looks more like dad

Milla Jovovich’s beautiful daughter looks like both mom and dad at the same time

Mick Jagger is a father of many children, he has 8 children. However, daughter Georgia most resembles her father

Liv Tyler, it’s all clear

Zoya Kravets can be called a feminine copy of her father

Johnny Depp’s daughter took all the best from both parents, but still she has eyes like her dad

Ireland is more of a mother’s daughter, however, she inherited the beauty of her eyes from her father

The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis Rumer is a copy of dad, only her eyes are like those of her mother, Demi Moore


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