Fox, an actress known for her role in the film “Uncut Gems,” made a provocative appearance in Toronto, catching the attention of onlookers

At the premiere of “Something You Said Last Night” in Toronto, 33-year-old actress Julia Fox made a bold fashion statement that turned heads.

Known for her fearless approach to fashion, Julia donned a striking black dress with cutouts and sheer panels, revealing her chest and well-toned abdomen.

To cover her breasts, she opted for beaded pads and adorned herself with crucifix pendants. Completing the ensemble were platform shoes and stilettos, while her hair flowed freely and her accessories remained minimal.

Of particular interest was the clutch she carried, seemingly symbolizing the Bible, generating discussions among bloggers. This appearance follows Julia’s previous attention-grabbing fashion choices, including a skirt that exposed her underwear during a Milan event.

What are your thoughts on this unconventional outfit? Share your opinion in the comments.

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