Salma Hayek, an acclaimed actress, celebrated the holiday by taking a dip in the pool. She was seen wearing a stunning bikini that perfectly showcased her beautiful figure.

Salma Hayek embraced the spirit of an international holiday by donning a stylish swimsuit that showcased her enviable figure. Despite being 56 years old, the actress prioritizes self-care and enjoys moments of relaxation by the water.

Salma has an impressive collection of fashionable swimwear and maintains her slender physique through an active lifestyle. Recently, she took a trip to the pool and posed in a captivating summer ensemble.

Her chosen attire was an ethnic-style bikini featuring an eye-catching patchwork of various prints, including botanical and Indian-inspired designs. The bikini boasted delicate pale beige lace trim with scalloped edges, while the top showcased a triangular shape and the bottoms featured a low rise and side ties.

With light and natural-looking makeup adorning her face and her hair cascading freely, Salma exuded effortless beauty. She accessorized with gold earrings that complemented her bikini and wore a white gold engagement ring on her finger.

For the photo, Salma struck a pose in a shallow pool surrounded by elegant white columns, creating a picturesque scene.

On National Bikini Day, Salma shared the snapshot and acknowledged that bikinis have been around for 77 years. She expressed her hope that bikinis will continue to be celebrated without facing unnecessary backlash or controversy.

Fans of the talented actress showered her with compliments, with some even referencing her iconic role in Quentin Tarantino’s film, where she also graced the screen in a bikini. Salma views the ocean as a source of power and finds rejuvenation in swimming within its embrace.

Additionally, she mentioned the use of tepetskouit, a special component, to help maintain her youthful skin and beauty.

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