The paparazzi captured the Duchess of Sussex during a stroll with Prince Harry, revealing Meghan Markle’s slim legs as she confidently sported a pair of wrinkled shorts.

Meghan Markle, the 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex, was spotted alongside her husband in casual attire, featuring slightly wrinkled garments.

The paparazzi captured rare photographs of the couple, with Meghan opting for a white shirt, comfortable shorts, and a hat to complete her ensemble.

Opinions on the internet were divided, with some individuals praising her style and elegance, while others criticized her for not adhering to traditional British norms or allegedly imitating Princess Diana.

Internet users expressed a range of views, with some complimenting Meghan’s beauty and impeccable grooming, and others voicing support for the couple and acknowledging Meghan’s positive influence on Prince Harry.

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