Celebrating their 21 years of happiness together, Julia Roberts passionately kissed her husband in a heartwarming display on their wedding anniversary.

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts delightedly shared a momentous occasion within her family—the commemoration of her 21st wedding anniversary alongside her husband, Daniel Moder. The couple first met on the set of a film in 2000 and exchanged vows two years later.

In a rare and heartfelt gesture, Julia posted a photo of the couple dressed in black and gray attire, accompanied by a simple caption expressing her love.

Warm wishes and congratulations poured in from friends and fans alike, commending the couple’s enduring happiness and the longevity of their relationship. Julia and Daniel share three children, and the actress is dedicated to nurturing their upbringing.

Julia revealed that frequent kisses with her husband and the use of a messaging app to send virtual kisses are some of the ways they maintain the strength of their marriage.

After a brief hiatus from Hollywood, Julia has made a triumphant return to the film industry and is currently collaborating with Jennifer Aniston on a comedy project. She recently debuted a fresh new look with shorter bangs at a jewelry brand event.

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