Fans were highly critical of the pairing of Bellucci, expressing their dissatisfaction with the couple’s apparent lack of compatibility.

Recently, Monica Bellucci and director Tim Burton were spotted on a romantic date, leaving fans intrigued about the potential future of their relationship.

Monica herself confirmed the speculations, affirming that she is genuinely in love with Tim, a 64-year-old renowned for his directorial work on the film “Wednesday.”

The news of Monica’s new partner has sparked conversations across the internet. Some individuals have expressed surprise, drawing comparisons between Tim and Monica’s previous partner, Vincent Cassel.

Critiques regarding Tim’s appearance have also surfaced, leading to questioning of Monica’s choice. Opinions on their compatibility are divided, with some perceiving them as an ill-suited couple.

If you have any thoughts regarding this union, please feel free to share them in the comments section below this post.


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