Surprising Paparazzi Captures: Julia Roberts, 54, Photographed Wearing Pajamas and a Baseball Cap!

Fans were taken aback when they came across paparazzi snapshots of Julia Roberts sporting pajamas and a baseball cap. It’s difficult to believe, but the renowned “Pretty Woman” actress will soon celebrate her 55th birthday. Despite her fame, Roberts chooses to lead a private life.

Despite being widely recognized, Roberts still experiences unease when attending red-carpet events or public gatherings. The presence of cameras makes her uncomfortable.

Recently, paparazzi in Australia managed to capture candid shots of the Hollywood star. She was casually dressed, sporting attire reminiscent of pajamas and a cap. Fans had a challenging time identifying their beloved actress.

Moreover, keen observers noticed that the iconic film star had shed a notable amount of weight and appeared somewhat different from her usual self.

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