“Blonde No More”: Actress Roberts, 55, Unveils a Fresh Look!

“Embracing Change: Julia Roberts, the renowned Hollywood actress, has reached the age of 55 and decided to embark on a new look. Departing from her iconic blonde locks, she has opted for a striking transformation, adorning herself with lustrous dark hair and adding sleek straight bangs to accentuate her natural allure.

Devoted fans have adored the comments section for Julia’s fresh appearance. They find her captivating and believe this new style enhances her beauty.

Some enthusiasts even draw comparisons to Julia’s iconic role in “Pretty Woman,” affirming that her magnetic charm remains as captivating as ever.

Nevertheless, there are those fans who have grown accustomed to Julia’s signature blonde image and express a preference for her previous look. They suggest that dark hair highlights certain aging skin imperfections.

Now, the question arises: Which version of Julia do you prefer, as a blonde or as a brunette?”

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