A remarkable discovery unfolded when a 72-year-old pensioner stumbled upon a 150-pound seal basking in her backyard—an astonishing 20 miles away from the nearest coastline.

Ann Page, a 72-year-old woman, was taken aback when she stepped out of her house and came face to face with an unexpected visitor.

To her astonishment, a real live seal was lounging on the grass in her garden, despite being at least 20 miles away from the nearest sea.

The incident occurred around 7:30 am when Ann Page went outside to water her plants, a routine she follows daily. Little did she know that this particular day would be far from ordinary.

As soon as she spotted the seal on her lawn, Ann Page and the seal locked eyes. Overwhelmed by the surprising encounter, she initially left her watering can and hurried back into the house. However, her curiosity got the better of her, compelling her to venture out once again to witness the extraordinary sight.

72-year-old pensioner found a 150-pound seal sunbathing in her backyard - 20 miles from the nearest sea

Residing in Lincolnshire, Ann Page’s home is situated quite a distance from the sea, making the seal’s presence even more baffling.

Speculating on how the seal ended up in her backyard, Ann Page suggests that it might have swum across the River Witham and the River Skirth, which lies approximately 4 miles away from her home.

Concerned about the seal’s well-being, Ann Page’s son, Rob, called the police for assistance. Soon after, Police Officer Martin Green, accompanied by a representative from the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, arrived at the scene.

Together, they carefully relocated the seal from Ann Page’s garden and transported it back to the sea.

72-year-old pensioner found a 150-pound seal sunbathing in her backyard - 20 miles from the nearest sea

Recalling the encounter, Martin Green remarked that the seal weighed around 60 to 70 kilograms and loading it into the van was no easy task. He also mentioned that, in his 23 years of service, he had encountered seals on three occasions.

Interestingly, it was later discovered that the seal in question was named Dandy, known for its penchant for sunbathing in unusual places, including Ann Page’s garden.

This incident is not the first curious case in which Ann Page has found herself involved. She made headlines when she unexpectedly hopped onto a woman’s surfboard during training in Boston, UK.

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