The cries of a baby led to a heartwarming reunion between a Virginia family and their lost Australian Shepherd puppy.

A young Australian Shepherd puppy named Luna, not even a year old, escaped from the yard and disappeared in an unknown direction.

However, Luna’s strong and special bond with the youngest family member, eight-year-old Bowen, played a vital role in her rescue.

Baby's cries reunited a Virginia family with their missing Australian Shepherd puppy

The family noticed Luna’s absence on a Saturday afternoon and dedicated the entire weekend to searching for her.

They sought assistance from Sandra Colston, a lost pet specialist, who created a helpful search map with key locations.

In their efforts to find Luna, they set a trap with their clothing, hoping that the familiar scent would attract her. Unfortunately, their attempts proved unsuccessful.

There was growing concern that Luna might have strayed far from home, necessitating a search in other parts of the state. Additionally, being a purebred and young dog, she could have been targeted by dog thieves. However, luck was on their side when Luna was spotted near their location.

Baby's cries reunited a Virginia family with their missing Australian Shepherd puppy

Soon, Luna’s owner’s son-in-law and niece arrived at the scene, calling out Luna’s name. However, she responded with fear and ran away.

Not only did Luna not recognize her name, but she also resisted the efforts of her canine friends from a neighboring yard to entice her out of hiding.

As the weekend passed and Monday arrived, the family decided to embark on another search. Sister Myers, her ten-year-old daughter, and the youngest member of the family, six-month-old Bowen, sat in the truck while the rest of them combed the area on foot.

Just as they were about to leave, the baby grew fussy, prompting his aunt to hold him higher.

At that very moment, a miracle occurred. Luna cautiously emerged from her hiding place, seemingly wanting to investigate who had upset her little friend.

They were able to capture her, leash her, and take her back home.

The family was joyously reunited, and Luna once again became the playful puppy she was before, preferring ear scratches to wandering alone on the streets.

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