Scarlett Johansson, with her plump arms and a prominent belly, confidently stepped out wearing a form-fitting dress.

Scarlett Johansson, a highly regarded actress in Hollywood, is widely recognized for her attractiveness. According to a survey, many men consider her the most alluring star, likely influenced by her frequent portrayal of attractive superheroines with extraordinary abilities.

However, there have been recent changes in Scarlett’s appearance. Following the birth of her second child, her body did not revert to its previous shape. Additionally, it appears that she has made alterations to her team of stylists, which have not yielded favorable results.

Her fashion choices on the red carpet have raised eyebrows, with many outfits failing to accentuate her features positively. This was particularly evident at the premiere of the film “City of Asteroids,” where she wore an ill-suited dress. The outdated style, wrinkled fabric, and uncomfortable tightness distorted her figure, resulting in an unflattering look.

Despite these fashion mishaps, Scarlett managed to maintain composure and strike poses for photographers, albeit with a different expression on her face. Nevertheless, it could not salvage the fact that her outfit was deemed unflattering.

It is important to note that Scarlett does not consider herself a beauty standard. In interviews, she has openly admitted to being highly critical of her appearance. She experiences self-consciousness regarding her short stature (163 cm), cellulite, posture, and even her voice, which she describes as hoarse.

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