Angelina Jolie, known for her iconic brunette locks, surprised fans with a striking beauty transformation as she made an appearance at the fashion house.

Angelina Jolie, at the age of 48, recently made a public appearance showcasing her new style, reminiscent of her iconic look from the 90s. The renowned Hollywood actress, known for her interest in the fashion industry, even founded her own fashion house.

Before the event, Angelina had a meeting with Gabriela Hirst, the creative director of the Chloé brand, to prepare for her appearance. She chose an elegant black dress with a knee-length hemline, bare shoulders, and a deep neckline, perfectly complemented by matching pumps.

However, the most noticeable change was Angelina’s hair. She opted for light honey-colored curls, a departure from her signature luxurious chocolate hair color. Using a hair straightener, she lightly straightened her new locks.

This transformation sparked discussions among fans, with some noting the resemblance to her blonde look from her early career in the 90s, particularly her character Lisa Rowe in the movie “Girl, Interrupted.” Opinions varied, with some suggesting similarities to Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle, while others praised her youthful appearance with the lighter hair color. Nonetheless, many fans admired Angelina’s beauty in any hair color and regarded her as a true movie star.

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