The paparazzi captured a significant moment as Jodie Foster was spotted with her son in public for the first time in a while!

The private and celebrated 60-year-old actress and Oscar winner, Jodie Foster, typically keeps her personal life away from the public eye. However, the paparazzi recently captured a rare moment of Jodie taking a stroll in New York City with her wife, Alexandra Hedison, and their son, Keith.

This sighting marks the first time in a while that Jodie has been seen in public with her son, as the previous occasion was during the summer of 2021. Accompanied by her 53-year-old actress wife, Alexandra, and their son, the family embarked on a leisurely walk from the West Village in Manhattan to Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan.

Jodie is the mother of two sons, Keith and Charles, whom she shares with her former partner, film producer Sidney Bernard. Following a 15-year marriage, Jodie and Sidney separated in 2008. The identity of the biological father of Keith and Charles has never been disclosed by Jodie.

After a hiatus from acting, Jodie Foster made a comeback in the fourth season of the popular TV series, True Detective. In the show, she portrays Detective Liz Danvers, who delves into the investigation of enigmatic disappearances at an Arctic research station in Alaska.

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