Kate Beckinsale shared a story about how Keanu Reeves came to her rescue during the Cannes Film Festival, recounting a moment of embarrassment caused by her skirt.

During a film festival in 1993, Kate Beckinsale found herself facing a clothing dilemma while presenting the movie “Much Ado About Nothing” alongside Keanu Reeves and Robert Sean Leonard. At the young age of 19, she lacked assistance in handling her wardrobe.

To add a touch of flair, Kate decided to adorn her hair with a flower from a vase provided with her breakfast in the hotel room. She wore a stylish brown dress paired with sturdy boots, creating a pleasing overall look.

However, an issue arose with her undergarments. Kate had purchased a bodysuit from a shop at the airport, and as she entered the car to attend the premiere with Denzel and Pauletta Washington, the buttons on the bodysuit unexpectedly came undone, causing it to ride up like a curtain. Kate was unable to rectify the situation inside the car.

Upon arriving at the event on the Croisette, Kate immediately informed her co-stars about the wardrobe mishap. In a moment of camaraderie, Keanu and Robert stepped in to assist her in navigating past the cameras. Kate even shared a picture from her personal collection taken at the film festival, capturing the unforgettable incident.

“On the most significant red carpet of my life, I quietly confided in Keanu and Robert Sean Leonard about what had happened,” Kate recounted. “In the picture, I am holding the front part of my bodysuit, while they are holding the back part. They were both incredible and didn’t hesitate to help, even if they didn’t fully understand the situation or know the word ‘gusset.’ They simply came to my rescue.”

This year, Kate made a return to the Cannes Film Festival and assumed responsibility for the amfAR gala. The event also welcomed Russian model Alena Gavrilova.

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