An Unfortunate Incident”: Bruce Willis, Due to a Terminal Illness, Forgot He Was on the Film Set

In March 2022, Bruce Willis’ family announced his retirement from his acting career due to his battle with aphasia and later being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

Recently, Alicia Haverland, a props specialist in the film industry, shared a touching anecdote about Willis’ memory lapse during the production of one of his final films.

The incident occurred on the set of the thriller “Midnight in the Cereal Field” in 2020, where Willis had a prominent role.

During the shooting of a diner scene, Willis momentarily forgot that he was on set and instead believed he was at a genuine café having lunch. As part of the scene, the actor was supposed to have a full mug of coffee, and Haverland would refill it before each take.

However, during the seventh or eighth take, Willis stopped her from pouring more coffee, expressing that he didn’t want any more.

Haverland tried to explain that it was for the scene, but Willis couldn’t grasp the concept and asked if he had ordered more coffee. This heartbreaking moment prompted Haverland to improvise, pretending to be a waitress to complete the scene. Eventually, she convinced Willis that he had indeed requested more coffee.

It is evident that the disease has had a significant impact on the quality of his life and is progressively worsening.

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