Hollywood icon Joan Collins marks her 90th birthday in style, celebrating with a glamorous party that perfectly captures her vibrant spirit.

Joan Collins, the celebrated actress renowned for her iconic role in the TV series “Dynasty,” commemorated her 90th birthday in grand style with a lavish celebration held in London. Accompanied by her husband Percy Gibson, who happens to be 32 years her junior, Joan dazzled in a bold ensemble that perfectly showcased her unique fashion sense.

Opting for an off-the-shoulder white blouse elegantly paired with sleek black trousers, Joan’s outfit exuded both playfulness and sophistication. She completed the look with statement earrings and a chic black headband, while her striking scarlet lips accentuated her features with a touch of glamour.

Posing together for photographers, Joan and Percy emanated sheer joy and happiness, basking in the love and admiration of their well-wishers. Despite having been married five times, Joan Collins shares a deep bond with Percy Gibson, whom she married in 2002. Their enduring love and the significant age difference between them have become a subject of lighthearted humor for Joan, who often jests about their fate should her husband outlive her.

In addition to her illustrious career, Joan Collins has courageously opened up about her personal experiences with domestic violence, shedding light on the hardships she endured during her first marriage. Her resilience and determination to overcome such challenges have made her an inspiration to many.

However, amid the birthday celebrations, unexpected sarcastic remarks from Meghan Markle directed towards Joan’s acting abilities added an unforeseen twist to the occasion, sparking intrigue and discussion among onlookers.

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