Emily Ratajkowski’s flawless physique creates a social media frenzy with captivating photos of her latest bodysuit fashion.

Ever wondered how Emily Ratajkowski maintains her enviable figure? According to the model herself, there’s no secret diet involved—she believes it’s all about balance.

In a recent interview, Emily shared that she follows a well-rounded diet that emphasizes a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, with a preference for fresh and wholesome ingredients.

While she openly admits her love for meat due to its rich sources of healthy fats and proteins, Emily also values home-cooked meals over dining out. By preparing her own food, she can exercise full control over the ingredients used in each dish.

However, she does allow herself occasional indulgences. For example, she treats herself to a protein and fiber-packed sandwich for lunch, often incorporating ingredients such as chicken and fresh vegetables.

Recently, photographers captured Emily enjoying a beach getaway in Miami, surrounded by friends. Confidently flaunting her well-toned physique in a micro bikini, she silenced critics who accused her of relying on Photoshop or retouching. Her beach attire accentuated her slender and athletic frame, particularly highlighting her enviable abs.

To complete her beach look, Emily accessorized with a matching red cap and a delicate necklace, exuding both style and confidence.

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