Thanks to tube-feeding, a dying baby dolphin of the Irrawaddy species was discovered and rescued.

A fisherman made a remarkable discovery off the coast of Thailand when he found a severely ill dolphin. Promptly reaching out to marine conservationists, he followed their instructions on how to care for the dolphin until a rescue team could arrive. Given the challenging circumstances, it was clear that saving the dolphin, later named Paradon, would be an arduous task.

Irrawaddy dolphins, an endangered species known for being poached, reside in three rivers across Myanmar, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Along Thailand’s east coast, approximately 400 Irrawaddy dolphins are estimated to remain, according to the marine research agency.

Miraculously, Paradon, found on July 22, was successfully saved. A team of veterinarians and volunteers provided constant care for him in Rayong, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Tanafan Chomchuen, the facility’s veterinarian, acknowledged the slim chances of survival given the dolphin’s condition. Paradon received special treatment for a lung infection and was placed in a pool of seawater, where his condition was consistently monitored.

Initially, the dolphin was fed through a tube and later transitioned to a bottle. Volunteers and a dedicated veterinarian operated the water pump and heated the dolphin’s milk, maintaining an 8-hour shift rotation. After a month, Paradon showed improvement—he grew, gained weight, and displayed no signs of illness.

Despite the positive progress, Paradon still requires long-term care, potentially until he is weaned. Sumana Kajonwattanakul, director of the maritime center, emphasized the importance of caring for Paradon until he develops his teeth, learns to eat fish, and adapts to living in a pod.

Irrawaddy dolphins are known for their captivating beauty, often seen leaping out of the water to impressive heights. Witness their remarkable nature in the accompanying video!

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