Did Natalie Portman Undergo Plastic Surgery?” Fans Express Surprise as 41-Year-Old Actress Appears Unrecognizable in Recent Photos

Recent photographs of Natalie Portman have sparked speculation among netizens about the actress potentially undergoing plastic surgery. Observations of a thinner face and tighter eyelids have led some to believe that she has had cosmetic procedures.

The speculation intensified after Portman appeared as a guest on James Corden’s talk show, where she discussed her involvement in the City of Angels documentary, which focuses on the Angel City Football Club.

Images from other events featuring Portman circulated online, surprising fans with her seemingly altered appearance, as reported by the Medialeaks portal.

Commenting on the pictures, some netizens expressed astonishment and questioned the outcomes of her alleged procedures, stating their preference for her natural beauty. Others, however, suggested that the change could be attributed to weight loss rather than surgery.

The debate continues among fans. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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