This is a heartwarming tale of a small squirrel that was rescued and its ensuing companionship with a man.

There are individuals who cannot overlook animals in distress. It’s heartening to know that there are many compassionate souls who are willing to lend a helping hand not only to people but also to vulnerable animals facing difficult circumstances.

Olga, through her microblog, shared a delightful account on social media about rescuing a small squirrel. She discovered the exhausted baby by the roadside, showing no signs of life. Alongside her husband, she brought the squirrel home.

With time, the squirrel regained strength. They contemplated releasing him into the forest, but unfortunately, he had a mishap, injuring his eye after colliding with a rock. It became evident to the couple that the little one required assistance for his eye to heal completely, as he wouldn’t be able to survive alone.

Her followers showed great interest in this story, requesting Olga to share their life together with the rescued animal. The girl began posting daily photos and videos of the squirrel, who had become an integral part of their family.

Olga affectionately named him Ray, and she shared images while narrating their experiences. Ray slept on their pillows, displayed cautious behavior when unfamiliar visitors arrived, and even had his claws trimmed since he couldn’t naturally wear them down in his altered environment.

Subscribers were both surprised and touched by how devoted the squirrel became, surpassing even a domestic cat. He would sleep on the crib, engage in playful wrestling with his dad’s hands, and joyfully observe Olga’s activities in the kitchen while perching on her shoulder like a parrot.

Ray was eventually released into the woods, relishing the freedom of climbing trees and relishing fresh cones. However, when it was time to return home, he would inevitably catch up with his newfound family.

Sadly, one day, Olga shared the heartbreaking news that Ray had passed away from old age. She discovered him in his nest. Nevertheless, she and her husband continue to provide nourishment to other squirrels, as Olga revealed on her blog.

It is a profoundly touching and heartwarming story, albeit with a somber ending. However, Ray lived a long and joyful life within a circle of people who loved him unconditionally.

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