Helen Mirren, 77, and her husband exude joy at fashion party, showcasing their everlasting love

At the age of 52, the acclaimed actress, who won an Oscar, entered into her first marriage with director Taylor Hackford, now 76, and their happiness knows no bounds. Despite their advanced years, their marital bond remains unwavering.

Mirren attributes the success of their relationship to the fact that they came together as mature individuals. They respected each other’s careers and didn’t attempt to impose their own habits or preferences on one another.

While there were moments of adjustment, such as figuring out how to share utensils, they have overall achieved a harmonious equilibrium.

Although they don’t have children of their own, Mirren wholeheartedly embraces Hackford’s two sons from his previous marriages and considers them as her own grandchildren.

The couple prefers intimate gatherings with close friends over glamorous events. This is why their attendance at a fashion show in Venice surprised many of their fans.

Paparazzi captured their delightful presence as they made their way to the event, radiating happiness as a couple.

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