Goat and rooster come to the rescue of their chicken companion from an imminent attack.

In this challenging world for animals, much like for humans, life becomes less daunting when surrounded by true friends.

Our story’s hero, a fortunate hen, can attest to that.

A few days ago, an unwelcome visitor arrived at Jaap Beet’s farm, clearly targeting one specific resident—the hen.

What’s amusing is that the hawk failed to consider that the chicken had devoted companions who would not abandon her.

Without hesitation, the hen’s loyal friends—goats and roosters—sprang into action to protect her.

Witness the moment captured in the video:

Despite the initial fright experienced by both the hen and the hawk, the outcome was positive for all parties involved, thanks to the unwavering loyalty of the hen’s friends.

“I was genuinely delighted to see the other animals defend their companion,” Beet expressed.

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