Laundromat-employed dog chooses to nap rather than work.

When you drop by the Laundry on Larkin Street, you will be welcomed by an eight-year-old golden retriever who accompanies his owner to close up the laundromat every day.

Despite his owner’s cleaning activities, the dog named Coby isn’t the most productive employee. Coby prefers taking naps instead of working and enjoys sitting around to watch customers come in.

Although his owner attempted to confine him to one of the chairs, Coby discovered how to climb onto the washing machine, where he has become quite a celebrity at the laundromat, attracting people who visit just to see him.

Fortunately, this arrangement works out for everyone since Coby thrives on attention and loves it when customers lavish him with it. He sits on top of the washing machine, surveying everyone below, feeling like a king.

Despite his newfound fame, Coby stays humble and focused on his job.

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