Natalie Portman recently posed for a glamorous photo shoot in daring outfits that featured lace and revealed parts of her body

In one of the photos, Natalie Portman could be seen posing sensually by a pool wearing a mini dress with a predatory print. In another shot, she wore a daring lace suit, consisting of a top and a long skirt, paired with platform sandals, and posed on a balcony to showcase her toned abs and slim waist.

Fans have responded positively to the rare photos, with some declaring Portman as their “ultimate Hollywood crush.”

Apart from the photo shoot, Portman also discussed her early role in the movie “Leon,” directed by Luc Besson, which she considers a favorite, but she admits to having some embarrassing aspects upon reflection.

She also defended Besson, who was involved in a harassment scandal in 2018, saying she did not observe any inappropriate behavior from him during her time working with him. Despite the controversy, Portman remains grateful to Besson for playing a crucial role in her career.

Portman expressed her surprise and devastation over the allegations against Besson, adding that she had not noticed any strange signs of his behavior towards her.

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