After a year-long hiatus, actress Sandra Bullock made a stunning return to the Oscar pre-party, appearing refreshed and gorgeous.

Actress Sandra Bullock used to be a regular presence at Hollywood social events, but lately, she has been keeping a low profile. After her last red carpet-appearance in March of last year, Sandra announced in June that she was taking a break from her career to overcome burnout and spend more time with her family.

However, at an Oscar pre-party, Sandra made a comeback, and she looked stunning at the age of 58. She posed for the cameras and chatted with her colleagues Demi Moore and Brendan Fraser, who happened to win the award.

There are rumors that Sandra may return to work soon, fueled by Brad Pitt’s recent interview with British Vogue where he hinted at a potential film project with his “old friend Sandy.”

It is possible that Sandra may even be at the Oscars next year, potentially even as a nominee for Best Director.

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