Paparazzi Captures Margot Robbie on Vacation Wearing Granny Shorts on the Beach

Margot Robbie’s exquisite beauty and stunning external features have consistently earned her a spot on the list of the world’s most attractive and desirable women for several years in a row. Despite her undeniable talents, Robbie didn’t have to endure numerous auditions to break into the industry, as she landed a leading role in the TV series Neighbors and later a starring role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Her beauty and luxurious figure were adored by millions of viewers and hundreds of critics alike.

Now 32 years old, Robbie is considered one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, and while she’s married, many men continue to fawn over her. For women, she has become the new epitome of beauty, with famous plastic surgeons reporting an increasing number of clients requesting a “Margot Robbie” face.

Robbie’s stunning figure has also been a subject of admiration, especially in luxurious open dresses on the red carpet. However, a recent paparazzi shot of the star on the beach has disappointed some fans, who noticed a few imperfections in her figure and a peculiar swimsuit choice. It turns out that Robbie’s waist is not as pronounced as it appears in photos, and her bust seems to have shrunk while her hips have become curvier.

Interestingly, the actress prefers to sunbathe and swim in huge “grandmother” shorts with a floral print, and the upper part of her swimsuit was completely from a different set, which detracted from her figure.

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