Liv Tyler’s appearance is unrecognizable in a glimpse of the star when she thinks no one is watching.

Liv Tyler, known for her starring roles in various popular movies, has been absent from the public eye for some time now. With her flawless, porcelain skin, model-like figure, luxurious hair, chiseled face, and piercing sky-blue eyes, she has been an unattainable ideal for many young girls and a dream for men all over the world.

However, at 44 years old, Tyler’s appearance has changed drastically, making her almost unrecognizable compared to her former self. It’s unclear whether this is due to age, motherhood (she has three children), or the long lockdown and lack of filming during the pandemic, but she now resembles more of a regular person than an ethereal princess.

Recently, the paparazzi snapped several photos of the actress looking like she wasn’t expecting to be seen. She was dressed in a flower-patterned vest that failed to conceal her rather plump form and black leggings. Such an outfit seems more appropriate for a day at home than for public appearances.

Despite her altered appearance, Tyler still looks perfect in the eyes of her partner, sports agent David Gardner. The couple has been engaged for six years, and Tyler has stated that she has no desire to rush into marriage.

What do you think of the star’s transformation? Has she changed significantly in your opinion?

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