After one year, the woman who is a mother of three children has succeeded in losing 55 kg. People are curious about her current appearance.

Kelly, a mother of three residing in Australia, faced difficulties in taking care of her children due to her excess weight.

However, she didn’t give up and persevered to achieve her dream. She managed to lose over 55 kg in a year without the need for any surgical procedures or diets.

She began by making dietary changes and moved away from her favorite dishes like french fries and chicken. She substituted carbonated drinks with plain or mineral water and stored her food in containers to prevent overeating.

For breakfast, she chose either oatmeal or scrambled eggs and had a light salad with chicken or fish for lunch and dinner.

She gradually incorporated physical activities like pole dancing into her lifestyle, which transformed not only her but also motivated many others. Her journey inspired many as she was able to change her life and achieve her dream.

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