What is the appearance of Jennifer Lopez’s younger sister, who is a journalist and 51 years old?

At the Met Gala, Jennifer Lopez attended without her partner Ben Affleck, leading fans to speculate who accompanied her. However, her sister Linda Lopez, a journalist and television host, shared pictures of the event on social media, revealing that Affleck could not make it due to work commitments in Los Angeles.

The Lopez sisters share a strong bond and regularly communicate with each other. In July 2021, Linda took to Instagram to share a touching birthday tribute to Jennifer, referring to her as “my best friend” while praising her uplifting nature and inspirational personality.

Linda, a single mother raising her 14-year-old daughter Lucy, has earned Jennifer’s admiration for her resilience and fortitude. In a 2013 interview with Cosmopolitan, Jennifer expressed her deep affection and respect for her sister, acknowledging that while she has help, Linda manages to take care of her daughter on her own.

Overall, it is clear that the Lopez sisters have a close relationship filled with love and admiration for one another.

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