This Golden Retriever Has a Passion for Hugs and is Absolutely Adorable

If you’re in need of a hug, consider visiting Chelsea in New York City to meet a famous dog with over 60,000 Instagram followers. The Golden Retriever is named after a French shoe designer and spends about two hours each day hugging people she encounters.

According to her owner, this isn’t just a regular walk, it’s a walk where you receive a hug. “I feel proud and happy every time someone tells me that the hug made their day,” he says. “Imagine someone having a bad day at work, and then they receive a hug from an adorable dog. Maybe that’s all they needed.”

It all started when Loubie’s owner held hands with her on Valentine’s Day after ending a relationship. “It was like she could sense my sadness, so she kept grabbing my face with her paws,” he recalls.

“I remember my friends joking that at least I had someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day.”

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