Taylor Swift has reportedly started dating the leader of a rock band following her split with Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift has moved on from Joe Alwyn and has started dating Matty Healy, the lead singer of The 1975 band.

The couple is so in love that they are ready to make their relationship public and will showcase their romance during Taylor’s upcoming performance in Nashville, Tennessee.

Interestingly, the two stars had a brief fling almost a decade ago, but it ended due to timing issues. However, they have been constantly communicating through video calls and text messages while on tour, eagerly anticipating their next meeting.

Unlike her past relationships, Taylor wants to own this new romance and introduce Matty to her loved ones, signaling that the relationship is serious.

Matty also seems thrilled with the relationship, and both stars have mutual respect for each other’s successful careers. He is even flying down to Nashville to join Taylor on tour and show his unwavering support for her.

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