A dog that was left behind melts in the arms of its rescuer.

The little dog in our story was left alone on the side of the road, and understandably, he was very frightened. Despite his mistreatment, he hasn’t lost his ability to love and be cared for.

Georgiana Neagu, an animal rescuer, shared a heart-wrenching video of the small dog. While driving in Romania, Neagu saw the dog running towards her car and crying as soon as it approached her. The puppy’s early experiences made him believe that love was not possible and that people would not treat him well.

However, after being moved to a safer place, the dog began to flourish. He licked Neagu to show his appreciation for saving him. “As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to take him home with me,” said Neagu. “Our love can heal all of his wounds. I must make him feel safe again.”

We may never learn how the dog ended up in such a dangerous situation, but we know one thing for certain: he will never be in harm’s way again. His future is bright and promising. “He is playful and very attached to me. He follows me everywhere like a shadow,” said Neagu. “I will keep him until he finds his forever home.”

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