After a devastating tornado, a dog is reunited with its owner.

Bruce and Ona Dunlap were warned about the EF2 tornado, but their cable went out. To investigate the situation, Bruce opened the door to find that it was deadly quiet outside with no wind. Ona urged Bruce to get to the storm shelter as she had a feeling that something was about to happen. Little did they know that their house would be destroyed within minutes.

As they rushed to the storm shelter, Ona helped a handicapped man get inside while Bruce searched for their pets. Unfortunately, their cat Ladybug was missing and one of the dogs refused to leave the house. Bruce had no choice but to leave them behind.

The tornado tore down their roof and scattered their belongings everywhere. After it subsided, the couple emerged from the shelter, but it was too dark outside to assess the damage. The next morning, they discovered that their furry friends had survived the storm and were waiting for them outside.

Ona hugged and apologized to the dog, who responded as if understanding her words. The couple was grateful that their pets had made it, but Ladybug was still missing. However, they later found her wet and shaking from the cold, and Ona hugged her tightly.

Although the tornado caused extensive damage to their home, the couple was happy to have each other and their pets. They may have lost a lot, but they still have the most important things in life.

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