The chicken’s life was spared from an attack thanks to the heroic actions of a goat and a rooster.

Animals, like humans, know the value of friendship. In this harsh world, animals can find comfort in the company of their peers, just like the fortunate hen in this story.

A few days ago, a predator, a hawk, visited Jaap Beet’s farm with a particular hen in mind. What the hawk didn’t realize was that the hen had loyal friends who wouldn’t let her be harmed.

The goats and roosters, the hen’s companions, acted quickly to protect her when the hawk began to attack. Witness the heroic moment in the video below:

Despite the fear and danger, the hen and the hawk both emerged unscathed, thanks to the unwavering loyalty of the hen’s friends.

“I was thrilled that the other animals defended their friend,” said Beet.

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