The immediate bond between a piglet and a dog has left many questioning the logic behind their friendship.

At the age of nearly 6 weeks, Winnie’s previous owners realized that they were unable to properly care for him and decided to surrender him to Charlotte’s Freedom Farm. Initially, it was believed that only his front legs were underdeveloped, but it was soon discovered that his lungs and heart were also affected.

 “Their Friendship Just Doesn’t Make Sense.” Piglet And Dog Instantly Become Best Friends

According to one of the rescuers, “The saddest part is that his activities have to be limited since he is always at a high risk of something happening to him.” Although Winnie used to play with his other dog friends, they played too roughly, which posed a risk to his well-being.

Wilma, on the other hand, was assumed to have jumped out of a livestock truck and was found alone on the streets. She was brought to the Freedom Farm, where the rescuer noted that she was sweet but had a sassy attitude. Wilma seemed to have made her affection for Winnie known right from the start.

The rescuer observed that the two animals easily connected with each other from the moment they met and started playing together instantly. Although Wilma plays more gently with Winnie than other dogs do, the farm staff still keeps a watchful eye on her to ensure that Winnie is safe and protected.

Despite these precautions, the two animals enjoy spending every moment together. Winnie seems to have been the perfect friend for Wilma and made her feel more comfortable in her new surroundings.

Their unlikely friendship has left many people surprised, but the two animals have chosen each other as their best friends.

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