The injured donkey was rescued and brought to an animal shelter where it was provided with a friendly and caring environment. The previously melancholic animal has now sprung to life.

Over the course of fifteen years, a donkey named Pippin endured numerous hardships and was passed between a dozen different owners, never receiving the care and affection he deserved. His eyes were listless and devoid of any spark, never changing even when encountering strangers, indicating his deep-seated apathy towards everything around him.

It was clear upon meeting Pippin that he was a miserable, lonely, and depressed creature. Fortunately, an employee at a pet food store informed rescuers about the donkey’s plight, and they promptly arrived to take him away from his enclosure. Pippin was covered in grime and had sustained some minor injuries, reportedly from being trapped under a gate while attempting to flee.

One of the rescuers, Laura, expressed her sympathy for the poor animal, whose melancholy and submission were a testament to the mistreatment he had endured. They transported him to the Alberto Terrera shelter, where Pippin remained cautious and timid, initially running away whenever anyone attempted to touch him, believing they were going to hurt him.

However, Alberto, the shelter owner, fell in love with the gentle donkey and made it his mission to win his trust. He and his son visited Pippin every day, at first just talking to him until the donkey gradually allowed them to touch him. Over time, Pippin began to come out of his shell and now greets his friends with enthusiasm, demanding kisses and hugs.

Pippin has developed a fondness for apples, which have become his new favorite treat at the shelter and has even befriended a cow. Thanks to the kind and loving atmosphere at the shelter, Pippin has finally found the happiness and companionship he deserves.

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