Mariah Carey celebrated the 12th birthday of her twins by expressing her affection for them with the words “Our love is incredible and magical”.

Mariah Carey’s family is celebrating a special occasion as her children turn 12 years old.

The singer, who shares a daughter named Monroe and a son named Moroccan with her ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon, usually tries to keep her children out of the spotlight but makes an exception for their birthday by sharing heartwarming stories footage.

The footage shows Mariah, Monroe, and Moroccan embracing each other while riding in a car.

Despite being in her everyday life, Mariah looks like a diva, as if she’s ready to perform on stage at any moment.

Mariah emotionally addressed her children, calling them their most beloved people on the planet and expressing how incredible and magical their love is. Nick Cannon, who is the father of eleven children, is the children’s father.

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