Every day, a lovable dog assists children in crossing the road safely.

Animals are known for their surprising and unpredictable behavior, but there are still stories that leave us amazed. Meet Kupata, the adorable dog who seems to have been a traffic officer in his past life. He has been helping kids cross the road safely in Batumi, a town in Georgia, and a video of him doing so has gone viral.

In the video, a small group of children can be seen struggling to cross the road when Kupata comes to their rescue by stopping the traffic. It’s not clear how he learned to become a traffic officer, but locals say that he takes his job seriously and gets angry whenever a car passes by. Kupata has been helping children for around two years now, and he has become quite popular in the community.

Although he was initially a stray dog, Kupata has now found a home in the hearts of the locals who take care of him. Nona feeds him, while Beka, a little girl, takes care of him. Kupata has a strong personality and doesn’t like drunk people. He always barks at them. He loves sleeping, eating sausages, and of course, he adores children. Kupata has become a beloved member of the community, and his selfless act of helping children cross the road safely has won the hearts of many.

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