Cher ended her relationship with her boyfriend, who was 40 years younger than her, after they had been together for six months.

The skeptics who had predicted a short-lived fate for the novel were proven right when Cher, who had been dating a man 40 years younger than her, broke up with him after only six months. The singer’s inner circle has revealed that the split occurred a few weeks ago, although the reasons for the breakup remain unknown. Just recently, Cher’s former boyfriend had given her a diamond ring, leading to rumors of an engagement. However, sources now claim that the couple was never actually engaged and had merely played along with the assumption. Since March, Cher has been silent on social media, causing many fans to speculate that she is having a hard time coping with the breakup.

Cher had met Alexander at Paris Fashion Week in September, and they were spotted on a date in West Hollywood a month later. Despite criticism from haters who pointed out the significant age difference between them, Cher defended her relationship, saying that love knows no mathematics. She spoke highly of Alexander, describing him as kind, smart, and funny, and revealed that they kissed like teenagers.

Cher has been married twice and has two sons in their 40s. Alexander, on the other hand, has a three-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose. After their breakup, Rose accused Alexander of cheating with twelve different women, to which he publicly asked for forgiveness. Despite knowing about his past, Cher had fallen in love with him and was not blinded by her feelings. The singer has been open about her preference for dating younger men, having previously dated men who were 12-13 years younger than her.

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