The Bear Brought Her Cub To The Girl In Hopes She Would Help Her

On a warm summer morning, I was awakened by the sweet sound of birds singing outside. I decided to go to the lake and enjoy the breathtaking view. The morning was calm with a little fog hovering over the water. I could see dew drops on the grass, and to get to the pond, I had to pass through a small forest.

While walking, I spotted a female bear cub and quietly sat beside a tree, not wanting to startle them. Though bears are common in the area, I knew to be cautious around wild animals. However, the cub’s paw was wounded with a big splinter, and I could see that they needed help.

Taking the cub’s paw in my hand, I carefully removed the splinter with one move, even though the baby bear howled. The mother bear approached, but luckily, she didn’t harm me. For us in the village, this wasn’t a crazy or brave act, but rather a normal situation as we’re accustomed to coexisting with bears.

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