Salma Hayek has taken her exhaustion with revealing dresses to a new level by sharing a photo of herself in a bikini!

After celebrating her 56th birthday in September 2022, Salma Hayek has decided to change her style, proclaiming the trend for “new youth” and leaving many, including Cindy Crawford, impressed.

The actress, known for her revealing outfits, has taken it to a new level by wearing naked dresses, dresses with a decollete, and experimenting with her appearance in recent months.

However, she has also revealed her beauty secrets, which some found strange. Hayek insists on using only folk remedies in her daily routine, such as washing her face with coconut water and moisturizing her skin with rose water.

She also adds powder made from the bark of the tepetskouit tree, which is popular in Mexico and is known for its effectiveness in treating burns and wrinkles, to all her creams.

The actress also follows a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits and often has detoxes on bone broth or freshly squeezed juices.

She has not eaten meat for many years and sometimes eats insects like grasshoppers in the form of chips.

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