The boy who cut his hair for the first time at the age of 9 has been nicknamed ‘Little Rapunzel

Reilly’s hair didn’t receive its first trim until he reached the age of nine, and it continued to grow to over half a pound in weight.

From an early age, the son had a penchant for lengthy locks, but it was his admiration for footballer Gareth Bale and his flowing hair that solidified his determination to keep his own hair long.

Despite his mother’s repeated attempts to convince him to have a haircut, Reilly remained steadfast in his decision to maintain his long tresses.

Eventually, Reilly expressed a desire to cut his hair, and he visited a salon for the first time with some apprehension. His hair was long enough to donate to create wings for children with cancer.

During an appearance on a morning program, the young British boy explained that he decided to cut his hair for a noble cause without any hesitation. The audience was touched by his story, and they lovingly dubbed him “Little Rapunzel,” lauding him for his selfless act.

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